UpDog, a tool to analyze influencer profiles on Instagram

In a medium strongly marked by activity concentrated within social networks, digital marketing campaigns find one of their most valuable spaces on these platforms.

Influencer marketing, one practice Common within this activity, demands the constant tracking and analysis of profiles. To facilitate this task for those who design campaigns under this model, a browser extension offers the main statistics of an account, while it is visited from a computer’s browser.

Instagram profile statistics, without leaving the site

The ability to present a statistical summary while reviewing an Instagram profile from the web, without leaving that browser tab, is one of the main attributes highlighted by UpDog of its extension, to differentiate itself from other tools with similar functions present on the web. .

Specifically, there are three scope indicators that this extension presents: an indicator of the participation rate that concentrates a profile, the average number of likes that the posts of the account collect and the an average of the comments received by the accounts. posts of each profile visited.

Although these statistics only present a part of the indicators to be analyzed during a search for potential influencers for a campaign, these figures are relevant enough to establish a first selection filter.

Along with the type of content created by the account holder, its quality and its relevance to the campaign being forged, the statistical data provided by UpDog complete the basis for conducting a survey of this kind, at least under a simple methodology.

UpDog is offered as a completely free service. Their financing model is based on adding specific functions through personalized requests and reselling their service under the white label model.

As a further observation, the website of this extension, despite being simple, offers a couple of humorous winks that are worth reviewing.

This metric analysis extension for Instagram can be obtained from the Chrome Web Store and through the store Edge Add-ons.

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