Yeedi Mop Station test: the surprise robot vacuum cleaner that brings something new

Our test of the Yeedi Mop Station robot vacuum allowed us to enjoy our evening without having to think about cleaning every time we came home from work.

We grant you, the Yeedi brand is not as well known as its competitors however, the parent company of the brand has been for a few years. Behind the brand, you can find the Chinese company Ecovacs Robotics which is much more popular. But should you drop this Yeedi Mop Station because of this sub-brand? NO ! And it will be a mistake to do so, especially since the robot vacuum cleaner from Yeedi will allow you to lighten your daily load. This is something not to be overlooked, especially since he will do an exceptional job, as he was able to do during these fifteen days of intensive testing (at my home). To get the ball rolling right away, the Yeedi Mop Station was confronted with my cat’s hair (and paw prints), children’s breadcrumbs and everyday dirt.

A very well designed application

The Yeedi Mop Station will ask you to connect it to your wifi network in order to be able to control it remotely using your smartphone. The Yeedi app is available for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store. If you are lazy to search within your application store, you can find the Yeedi application on iOS Or on Android in our test. Moreover, a QR code is provided in the installation booklet, which will allow you to easily find the application.

Once we have installed the app on your smartphone, the following steps are very easy to perform. By the way, we were scared the first few minutes, because the Yeedi Mop Station does not speak French immediately, it will have to be set manually later. We have therefore learned about Yeedi, the application that allows you to fully control our Yeedi Mop Station. The navigation is intuitive and the controls are well highlighted. We can directly adjust the suction power, the intensity of the mop mode and the cleaning days within the application.

At each end of cleaning, we were able to see with precision the cleaning time, the cleaned surface as well as the trajectories that it made. Honestly, the application linked to the Yeedi Mop Station is a nice surprise, but which deserves a little improvement in terms of fluidity and ergonomics. Fortunately, the Yeedi Mop Station comes to make our life much more pleasant.

No dirt withstood the Yeedi Mop Station

Regarding the cleaning cycle, the Yeedi Mop Station sucked our floor very well with its 2,500 Pa suction power, despite our attempts to derail its plans. He remained upright in his boots and left no crumbs of bread and no hair of our cat. For our part, we scheduled it every day at 2:30 p.m. for a thorough cleaning of the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, impressive thing, the people who arrived at our home believed that we were vacuuming. and mop every day, thanks to Yeedi Mop Station.

As we said, we had programmed the Yeedi Mop Station every day to clean certain areas of the house. And this is a point we love! The second program is reserved for cleaning other areas such as the office, bedroom, bathroom and toilets. Again, we’ve scheduled it every other day, but you can run a full clean every day if you want.

Finally, our floor has been kept clean every day thanks to the Yeedi Mop Station, a point that is not to be overlooked all the more when living with animals and children. We were able to enjoy our end of the day quietly, and no longer having to sweep or mop every day. However, it is not except fault and its first comes from its autonomy.

The Yeedi Mop Station with its very imposing car wash.
The Yeedi Mop Station with its very imposing car wash. © Journal du Geek

A slightly disappointing battery on this vacuum robot

Like any device that has just come out of the box, it is advisable to recharge it before using it for the first time. We therefore launched the first test of the Yeedi Mop Station with minimum suction power and water flow mode. Our 75 square meters did not scare him with its 75% remaining battery. For the other tests, we increased the difficulty and forced to notice that the maximum suction power allows us to clean only half of our apartment. However, this mode is only good, in our opinion, for the dining room, which is for 90% of households the dirtiest room because of the passages.

For people who are eagerly awaiting the cleaning time for a 70 square meter (32 square meter in actual) apartment, know that the Yeedi Mop Station was able to complete a full cycle in 59 minutes, which puts it in the middle range thanks to at its 5,200 mAh battery. The latter will return to its base with 50% battery power, useful when the Yeedi Mop Station is found to have not done its job properly.

The Yeedi Mop Station will not go under all furniture

If you’ve been expecting a robot vacuum to sneak around, the Yeedi Mop Station isn’t going to be a wise buy. However, if, like us, you have relatively tall furniture, and little furniture, this robot vacuum will be perfect. This imposing height is due to the technologies on board this Yeedi Mop Station. Part of Yeedi’s robot vacuum is equipped with sensors that will analyze in real time every obstacle or object in front of it. Over the cycles, it will learn where these objects are and will slow down to stop a few millimeters from them.

Below, we find the rotating brush as well as the main one as well as the suction inlet. The sides are made up of air vents, which is where the air comes out after the HEPA filter has done its job. At the back, we find the water and dust tank. Moreover, the latter relatively large, it is rare that the Yeedi asks to empty it. The tank that contains the water will empty itself when it is needed, for this it will return to the base which contains two large containers that change the way we use a vacuum robot.

A life changing car wash

Delivered with the vacuum robot, the washing station allows it to recharge after a cleaning cycle and to store clean water and dirty water in two other containers of 3.5 L each. The station will then suck up the dirty water present in the tank on the robot vacuum using a mechanism and will inject clean water. Once finished, the vacuum robot will start again to finish its cycle.

To improve cleaning, the location where the robot vacuum is housed has pins that will clean the mops at the end. A guarantee of quality in order to have a hand-sewn cleaning. However, we recommend that you clean the mops every week in order to remove any hair or dirt that may have become trapped in the mop.

Where to buy it?

The Yeedi Mop Station will be available in a few days at a price of 649 euros and even 549 euros for the first pre-order buyers. It should then be available everywhere.

Pre-order the Yeedi Mop Station

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