DuckDuckGo wants to protect your email address and avoid trackers

The company yesterday launched a cross-platform alternative to Apple’s Hide my email tool. This new free tool will allow the user to avoid trackers, while benefiting from a personalized transition email address.

If you are used to shopping online, or just about any activity that requires an internet connection, you know that email addresses are often a puzzle. Between spam emails, phishing attempts and the incessant advertisements, even the addresses created specifically for “spam” quickly find themselves saturated. Known for its commitment to privacy and personal data, the company DuckDuckGo has just launched its cross-platform alternative to the Hide my email tool, which already exists at Apple.

A concept as simple as it is ingenious: the user creates a personalized trash address via DuckDuckGo, and links it to his real address. The firm will then take care of transferring all the emails received. This will obviously not prevent the dozens of daily promotional emails from piling up in your inbox, but the tool will at least have the merit ofprevent apps and services from accessing your real email address. In addition to hiding your identity, DuckDuckGo will also take care of deleting “hidden trackers of incoming emails sent to this address ”, thus avoiding the slightest inconvenience.

Unlike Hide my email, this new feature imagined by DuckDuckGo mainly has the merit of being multiplatform. No matter your regular web client, using an @ trash address will not change your habits, and you can continue to view your messages from anywhere.

Privacy, always

Obviously, DuckDuckGo will not collect any user data via its new tool. The company specializing in privacy explained that no email address or messages will be recorded, including when they pass through the company’s servers to be cleaned. For the moment, the feature is available in beta version. Those who wish can already register on the waiting list while awaiting its official deployment. All you have to do is download the DuckDuckGo app for iOS or Android, then select the beta “Email Protection“.

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