Face ID lock for incognito mode and full page captures, new for Chrome on iOS

With the arrival of version 92 of Google Chrome for iOS, new features built into the browser appeared.

Among those, a new screen capture tool and the appearance of a feature that allows you to protect the tabs in incognito mode, integrating the password, fingerprint or facial recognition locking systems offered by iOS stand out.

Touch ID, Face ID or the mobile password, to access the incognito mode of Google Chrome

This feature was announced for Chrome in February of this year, when it was first teased in a previous beta. Today, it is already possible to find it integrated into version 92 of the browser.

To adjust this security measure, which may be useful to protect shared devices, it is necessary to go to the browser settings section, privacy section. There, a switch will appear that allows you to activate or deactivate the protection offered for these tabs, following the security preferences configured at the device level. In other words, if you use Touch ID to unlock your iPhone, the same mechanism will apply for Chrome.

Full page captures from Google Chrome for iOS

Although most of the smartphones offer easy solutions to take screenshots, these are limited to the visible frame. Full page snapshots are a well-attended item by more and more desktop browsers, but in the case of iOS, even before this Chrome update, it was only possible to achieve through Safari.

Version 92 of Chrome for iOS now fully integrates with this function of the operating system, allowing when taking a screenshot (by pressing the usual combination of buttons) to choose between cropping the visible frame or keeping the full extension of the website visited.

An update loaded with changes

According to the report of this new version of Chrome, shared by Google through the App StoreIn addition to the two outstanding novelties, the browser implemented a redesign in certain elements of its interface, such as the “new tab” screen and the borders of its settings, history and favorites screens.

The tab viewer now allows you to share sites from that same section, displaying a menu by holding down its title and also, it will issue a warning every time you try to close all open tabs at the same time.

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