Fossil plans the best possible WearOS smartwatch for 2021

Fossil was always at the side of Google’s WearOS and went through all depths with the system. Fossil is now planning the best possible WearOS smartwatch for 2021.

New momentum for WearOS thanks to Fossil?

Fossil and WearOS – a partnership that has overcome all depths, because the watch manufacturer remains loyal to the operating system and has now announced the new plans. Fossil’s Chris Hartley gave a sneak peek at the company’s plans today. Apparently the release of a new range of WearOS products is being prepared for 2021. Hartley even goes so far that the company wants to bring out the “best possible” WearOS smartwatch.

At Fossil Group we always strive for new innovations and increased performance of our products. Thanks to our continued partnership with Qualcomm and the launch of our upcoming smartwatches later this year, Fossil believes it will bring the best possible WearOS smartwatch to market this year.

He leaves the details of the new Super WearOS Smartwatch open. If you look at the history of Fossil, however, it will in all likelihood be the Gen 6 series. The new Snapdragon chip, which Qualcomm has already announced, could possibly already be installed here.

With Fossil, Google has a loyal partner at its side and through the collaboration with Samsung WearOS could perhaps even rise from the depths.

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