Genshin Impact finally launches its Update 2.0

Welcome to Inazuma! Deployed this morning, the new Genshin Impact update 2.0 offers us the opportunity to discover a whole new area of ​​Teyvat, as well as several new adventures in the city of eternity.

Finally ! Almost ten months after its launch, Genshin Impact, MiHoYo’s hit game welcomes its version 2.0, and sets sail on Inazuma. If there was not much suspense about the content of this ambitious update (which requires more than ten GB to install) already presented in detail during the last live of the developers, Inazuma is full of content to discover.

Trip to Inazuma

First step to launch the second chapter of Genshin Impact’s story: make your way to Inazuma by boarding the Beidou ship (Kaeya’s ice bridges will not be enough for you). A somewhat off-putting prelude, but which will allow you to meet Thomas, and to access theAct 1 of the Archons quest “Merciless Divinity and Eternal Eurythmy”. Be careful, you must have reached adventure level 30 to be able to access this new region. You will also need to have completed the Chapter II prologue quest. Also note that for the moment, only three of the islands of Inazuma are accessible, namely Narukami, Kannazuka and Yashiori. The rest of the region will be rolled out in an upcoming update.

The Electroculus

Who says new region obviously means new items to collect. In addition to the cherry blossoms and the many chests scattered throughout the archipelago, players will also need to collect the Electroculus, these particles of elementary energies specific to each region of Teyvat. As in Mondstadt and Liyue, these will have to be offered to the Statues of the Seven in the region, and will allow you to gain XP, first-gems, electro seals as well as keys to shrines from the depths.

Finally the cross-save on PlayStation

Another good news with the arrival of Inazuma, the possibility of playing as well on PS4 / PS5 as on PC, iOS and Android. Until now, only Sony gamers did not benefit from cross-platform save.

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