Google Maps adds more functions to plan travel in public transport

Google Maps is adding new features that will help users navigate safely in this return to the new normal.

And on the other hand, new sections are added so that they can take a look at all the data they leave with their routine trips and trips.

Google Maps adds more functions to plan trips

Some countries are slowly returning to normal after the pandemic restrictions. And this can mean traffic chaos in some areas. To help users navigate safely in cities, Google Maps it is extending predictions about the level of passenger traffic.

Using these data, you will be able to plan your trips avoiding congestion in public transport. Thus, for example, you will know that at certain times you are less likely to get a seat in public transport, that the trains are crowded during a certain time slot, or how to get around avoiding peak hours.

As the Google team mentions, this AI-powered feature is spreading to more than 100,000 cities in 100 countries. And on the other hand, Google Maps is adding new sections that allow users to know data about their movements in a timeline.

For example, you will be able to see what means of transport you use frequently, how much time you have spent traveling to certain destinations, the number of kilometers, the time you spend in different places, etc. So if you want to control how much time you spend moving from one place to another to improve your way of traveling, or find some curiosity about the places you visit frequently, you can take a look at these new sections.

And of course, you will also have information about your getaways or vacation trips, beyond the routine displacement. So if you want to remember which hotels you went to or where are those restaurants that you liked so much are, you can find this information on your timeline.

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