Instagram already allows the translation of the texts of the Stories

Instagram wants to bring the Stories to the widest possible audience. For this, it is beginning to offer the possibility of translating the texts of the Stories in those whose texts are in a language other than the user’s own.

In this way, Instagram makes Stories accessible to a greater number of users by eliminating the language barrier, although for now they will focus on text-based content, leaving aside for the moment the translations of the audio content, which may come later.

Making Stories understood internationally

In this way, the platform puts the accessibility of the Stories on par with the translation of the texts with respect to the publications on the walls. According Instagram, the new translation feature is reaching global level, initially supporting more than 90 different languages, facilitating the exchange of Stories internationally.

The idea of ​​operation is as follows: In those Stories whose texts are in a different language, the user is invited to see the translation of the text through an option that they will find located in the upper left part of the screen. By pressing, the text will have its translated counterpart at the bottom of the screen.

Instagram has been adding content translation capabilities to different sections of its app since 2016, but until now, it had not addressed content translations in Stories.

It will be a question that after time the translations of the audio content will also arrive, although this movement we will be able to know as it develops thanks to those who constantly inspect the code of the new versions in search of future news.

It is already a matter of being deployed so that all users of the platform can make use of it at a given time, and it is likely that, being Stories one of the main hallmarks of the platform, we can see more improvements to over time, although we do not know what fit it may have in the future if they aspire to be a TikTok-style video application.

We will see it over time.

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