Marvel: is Loki the best Marvel series yet?

After Wandavision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel saw it big with Loki. We debrief the series.

One week after the conclusion of Loki, we are barely recovering from our emotions. This finale, far from being the epic battle announced, is nevertheless a frank success and will have upset the entire MCU. The series plays a key role in continuing the adventures of our superheroes on the big screen. We come back to the six episodes of this first season.

The introduction of the new Thanos

Contrary to Wandavision, who had teased the arrival of a famous antagonist comics without ever making it stand out, Loki kept its promises. The series set the stage for the introduction of Kang the Conqueror, who could be the new main antagonist for the next phases of the MCU (in all its variations). As we could imagine, the multiverse will be at the heart of many future feature films from the house of ideas, it therefore seems quite logical that this character (killed by Sylvie) and especially his variants become the new figureheads of this saga. However, we will probably have to wait Doctor Strange : Into the Multivers of Madness to get to the bottom of it. The film directed by Sam Raimi is already shaping up to be a huge reunion of characters, failing to be able to find them in a new opus of Avengers.

The best Marvel character

No offense to his adopted brother, Loki is arguably the most interesting character in the Nordic Marvel Universe. If the protagonist played by Chris Hemsworth has since Ragnarok Made a rather interesting turn on the side of his psyche, Loki has always been more captivating from adventure to adventure. His series, which still upsets his destiny, confirmed to us that he should not yet be put in the closet of the characters of the first phases. This attachment to the protagonist is undoubtedly due to the talent of Tom Hiddleston, who navigates with ease between the self-centeredness of the character and the exploration of his weaknesses. When he faces Sylvie, played by the excellent Sophia Di Martino, we still wonder why all these beautiful people have not yet had the right to a feature film on the big screen.

A visual feat

Even beyond its plot, Loki is also a feast for the eyes. If Marvel has no equal when it comes to putting in images intergalactic epics, Loki is particularly distinguished by its atmosphere and its colorimetry. From the golden tones of TVA, to the mauve expanses of Lamentis-1, the series enjoys a visual richness rare at Marvel that is not unlike the films of James Gunn. When we strain our ears too, Loki made a faultless. Natalie Holt, who composed the original music, has surpassed herself and in particular on the side of the main theme.

Already promised a season 2

Proof if it was necessary that Loki is a success, it is currently the only Marvel series to be renewed for a second season. Announced at the end of episode 6, this new round of episodes does not yet have a release date, but we are already looking forward to meeting Morbius, Sylvie and Loki for new adventures. Note, however, that Kate Herron will not take the helm for this season and will pass the baton to one or another filmmaker.

It remains to be seen from now on when this new season will be broadcast. It’s a safe bet that the fans will have to take their troubles patiently since the program of Disney+ is rather loaded on the Marvel side. From next August, it will be the turn of the series What if ? to take over. We are also waiting Hawkeye with Jeremy Renner as well as She-Hulk with Mark Rufallo. Will the house of ideas give us an appointment in the summer of 2022? We hope so.

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