Netflix begins its video game ascent with mobile games

The company’s latest financial report revealed a lot of information about the business model adopted by Netflix and its atypical video game projects.

After months of rumors regarding the involvement of Netflix in the video game industry, the company seems to be making more and more public commitments showing the whole world its future gaming projects. In its last financial report, Netflix detailed its desire to tackle the field of mobile games. Indeed, the firm thus declared:

« We see games as another new category of content for us, similar to our expansion into original movies, animation, and unscripted television. Games will be included in members’ Netflix subscription at no additional cost, such as movies and series. At first, we will mainly focus on games for mobile devices. ».

« We are more excited than ever with our film and TV series offering and expect a long period of increasing investment in all of our existing content categories, but as we started to develop the original programming ago almost ten years, we believe the time has come to learn more about how our members enjoy video games ».

A question of passion?

Netflix wants to reassure its loyal customers on one point, its involvement in the world of gaming has little to do with money. In addition, subscribers to the platform will be able to take advantage of this new category as they wish and at no additional cost. The firm does not think of adopting an invasive economic model for its users nor of resting its revenues solely on the gaming category, which remains a plus.

In the report, Netflix said: “ We don’t have to think about advertisements, in-game purchases or other forms of monetization, or buying titles… We can just focus on creating the most entertaining gaming experiences possible. ».

A predictable project

With projects like Bandersnatch, the interactive film inspired by Black Mirror or its many serial productions derived from famous video games (The Witcher, Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, The Last of Us, Castlevania, etc), we could only suspect that Netflix would play on this interactivity in order to offer hybrid entertainment content on its platform.

As for the company’s plans, for the moment nothing is certain and Netflix should soon get back to its customers with official information on what will be put in place. One thing is certain, however, video games are well on the way and should arrive shortly.

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