New version of Chrome focuses mostly on security aspects

We already have with us the new stable version of Chrome, Chrome 92, focused mainly on security corrections, having corrected for this version up to a total of 35 security problems, being now available for the main desktop platforms and for Android.

Google also points out that this new version, your phishing detection technology is now 50% faster, whose website profile analysis now takes 100 milliseconds compared to 1.8 seconds previously, and running the browser itself now consumes less battery than before thanks to it also uses less CPU.

Regarding the characteristic of safety site isolation, called in English Site Isolation, to protect users from malicious websites, mainly on desktop platforms, extensions will no longer be able to share processes with each other, a change that “provides an additional line of defense against malicious extensions, without removing any existing extension capabilities”, According to Google.

With regard to Android, site isolation protects “high value sites”, so applying it to all sites would be “too expensive for Android devices”, although now this feature is expanded for websites “in the that users log in through third-party providers, as well as sites with Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy headings.

On the other hand, new Quick Actions arrive that allow directly from the navigation bar to make a security check, manage security settings by opening its corresponding settings window, and manage synchronization by opening the corresponding settings window.

Finally, users will be able to access the new permission window from any website through the address bar, the new experience coming first to Android and in the next few days to the desktop version. From this experience, users will be able to view and control the permissions granted to each website separately.

It is already a matter of users updating the previous versions they have available, although Quick Actions, such as the new permission management experience, will take some time to reach all users, so they will not have all these possibilities at first. advertised available.

In any case, Google wants users to feel safe with Chrome without needing to be security experts, so this version is mostly focused on security, as we have just seen.

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