Square Enix Provides Details on Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters

The Pixel Remasters promise to standardize the first installments of the franchise while making them more accessible through mobile porting.

Scheduled for July 28, the first three opus of the franchise Final Fantasy will be able to come out on PC and mobile in a remastered version called “pixel perfect”. This will also be the case for the next three opus, from Final Fantasy IV to VI, which will be released later on the same media. Just days before this fateful date, Square Enix wanted to tell us a little more about what awaits players on the side of these remasters.

Graphics, music, animations … nothing is left to chance

First designed to standardize the first opus of the saga, these remasters aim to have a new look in order to be discovered or rediscovered in the best possible conditions. As such, while the original story will not change, the graphics, designs, music and many other elements have regained a lick of polish or have been completely reworked by the artists of Square Enix.

This is the case of graphics in particular, which have been completely reworked in relation to the logic of the pixel, so that games can adapt to HD screens. Don’t panic, you won’t see any big changes at work for the characters, although they will have been redesigned by Kazuko Shibuya, the iconic designer of Square Enix.

Same fight for the music of the games, which will not be quite the same but which will have been harmonized and modified under the supervision of the original composer Nobuo Uematsu. It will therefore be the same versions that we like, but better.

The first three Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will be released on July 28 on iOS, Android and PC at a unit price of € 11.99 and € 17.99 for the third opus. The bundle with the six games will be released on Steam for € 75.

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