The Boys season 3 will be even more trashy

The writers will tackle a big chunk of the comic book universe, adapting the chapter “Herogasm” in the third season of The Boys. There will be explicit content according to Eric Kripke.

The superheroes of The Boys are about to make an even tighter turn towards trash. The creator, during an interview for The Wrap, returned to the adaptation of Herogasm, a particularly sulphurous chapter of the comic strip. In this issue, all the superheroes gather around an annual party where debauchery is the main guest. This celebration, organized by Vaught, is infiltrated by Hughie and his gang who attend a fine game between several members of the Seven. The series, which has not skimped on explicit content since its launch in 2019 is preparing to increase the tension a notch, according to the screenwriter. If the idea will be enough to delight comic book fans, Amazon would be reluctant to fully explore this new plot according to Eric Kripke.

“When I introduced this episode, to Andie Green, Katie Graves and the rest of the Amazon executives, I think there was kind of a sigh of resignation. They quickly said to me “look, you’ve proven yourself in two years. We knew it was only a matter of time. ”

An X-rated episode

To transcribe this super-heroic orgy on screen, the creators of The Boys obviously did not go dead hand. Eric Kripke did not fail to specify that some of the sequences could be classified X, or prohibited to minors in the United States. We should therefore expect graphic sexuality, even if a certain restraint was observed by the creative teams.

“We will take care not to cross the red line and to be scandalous without falling into overbidding of course. There will probably be a lot of self-censorship, but to anyone who is a fan of the comics and this volume in particular, I can just tell you that you are definitely going to get the full Herogasm experience. There is no doubt.”

Season 3 of The Boys is currently filming and should hit our screens in the coming months. For now, Amazon Prime Video has not given a release date, but we will have to expect to find Hughie and all his gang no later than the end of the year 2021. In the meantime, you can still see or watch the first two bursts of episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

Discover The Boys on Amazon Prime Video

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