The Very B & You 100 and 200 GB offers are coming back to change your plan

The Very B & You offers are back: 100 GB for 11.99 euros per month on the excellent Bouygues network, you can’t miss it.

Bouygues is celebrating the holidays by relaunching a new batch of “Very B & You” offers. If the operator regularly consents to promotions on its mobile plans, Very B & You offers are much rarer, often of very limited duration and always extremely interesting. New proof today with this series which includes in particular a 100 GB plan for 11.99 euros per month and a 200 GB at 14.99 euros. With such offers, it is very likely that your current plan does not find the same data / price ratio. In other words, it’s time to change your plan, and you only have a week to do so. Afterwards, the offer will disappear.

If 100 GB is too much for you, or not enough, you will also find two other options:

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Very B & You 100 Go: the best plan of the moment?

In detail, the Very b & You 100 Go package is particularly comprehensive. There is therefore this pretty envelope of 100 GB of data on the very good 4G network of Bouygues Télécom. According to Arcep, this is one of the best in terms of the quality of mobile services. Particularly in sparsely populated areas, usually a little better covered by Bouygues. This could prove to be practical on vacation.

It should be noted that this volume of data is applicable in mainland France. From Europe and the overseas departments, Bouygues allows you to benefit from up to 15 GB of data on this envelope, at no additional cost. Finally, there are obviously unlimited calls and SMS in France, Europe and the overseas departments. MMS is unlimited in France, but deducted from the data envelope in the EU. Either way, you will have something to keep in touch with your loved ones wherever you are.

Significantly, this plan allows you to keep your current phone number. The various steps can be found on the operator’s official website. What’s more, this package is non-binding, and the price will not change after one year. You therefore have the freedom to cancel at any time, or to keep it. As usual with Bouygues, the plans are quite flexible, and you can add data, or options to your subscription according to your needs. Do not hesitate to download the mobile application available on iOS and Android to take advantage of it.

Last option for the less capital, this 4G package can become a 5G package for an additional 3 euros per month. This option is only available after opening the line. In all, this is the best way to get a 5G package at a low price since it costs only 14.99 euros per month for 100 GB of 5G. There is hardly any equivalent at the moment.

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Bouygues Telecom, n ° 1 in rural areas

If the price is reduced, the quality remains good with the operator: you benefit from the second best network in France according to ARCEP … but the first in rural areas, that is to say municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants. This explains why you often get 4G better with a Bouygues package when you are in remote corners.

Bouygues Telecom is also known for having one of the best customer services. Which is appreciable. When you can’t go to the store for help, that’s really a key point. And this operator answers it perfectly.

In the last decade, Bouygues Telecom has adapted to changes in the market. While it still retains its Sensation packages to meet the needs of certain customers for comfort and stability, its B & You range has brought a breath of freshness and novelty to the group. It is distinguished by the fact that it is non-binding and that all management is done online.

By disregarding physical stores, the operator is able to reduce the cost of these mobile plans as much as possible. In the end, whether it is the 5 GB, 100 GB or 160 GB package, these are the prices that are exceptional. The rates being advanced right now are part of a promotion that only lasts until next Tuesday, July 27.

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