This promo on the 1TB WD Blue NVMe SSD will blow your mind

Cdiscount now offers 1TB Western Digital NVMe SSD for less than 90 euros. You can’t refuse it, right?

SSDs have replaced platter drives, and NVMe SSDs are gradually replacing traditional SSDs. History repeats itself as the price of NVMe drives drops. If you still haven’t taken the plunge, Cdiscount is now offering a Western Digital (WD) “Blue” 1TB NVMe SSD at only 89.99 euros. It has never been so inexpensive at the dealer and it is therefore a good opportunity to invest in one of these discs which have for main advantage a very high speed.

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WD Blue 1TB: all the pleasures of NVMe SSD at a low price

To keep an affordable price, this NVMe SSD focuses on the essentials of technology, so it offers the classic speeds of this type of disk: up to 2400 MB / s in sequential read and up to 1950 MB / s in write . If there are models that now exceed 5000 MB / s, it is already much superior to conventional SSDs which cap at 600 MB / s in the best cases.

Important detail compared to traditional SSDs, NVMe connect to a PCIe port in M2 format. You will therefore need a free one on your motherboard. These locations are now standard on most models released in recent years. So you should probably have one, but make sure your machine is compatible anyway. Usually, a heat sink is also included with the motherboard, as NVMe SSDs can heat up quite quickly during heavy use. That being said, this disc should not heat up more than it should during normal use. Clearly, a heat sink is recommended, but it is not mandatory.

Thanks to their high speeds, NVMe are popular with those who regularly handle large files and need maximum responsiveness to access their data. The main candidates are therefore the players who will thus be able to shorten the loading times, but professionals will also find it of considerable interest.

Take advantage of the offer

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