Adobe joined the Blender development pool, contributing two plugins with its arrival

Blender, a popular 3D graphics creation tool, recognized as one of the emblems of free software, has a new partner in its ranks.

Adobe, a company that could be considered as its commercial rival, joined as a contributor to the development fund of this application, following in the footsteps of other relevant agents of the medium such as Microsoft, AMD and NVIDIA, among others.

Adobe joined the Blender Development Fund

It is ad was made public through the Blender press release portal. In that space, it is noted that Adobe joins the Blender Foundation as a “Gold corporate member”, a condition that gives it the ability to support and influence the development of the core of the aforementioned software.

In the Blender statement, impressions were collected from executives from both parties involved. Sébastien Deguy, Vice President of 3D and Immersion at Adobe, said: “We are delighted that Adobe is joining the Blender Development Fund to help ensure the longevity and success of this dynamic open source community”, reinforcing their commitment by the way, by adding that in Adobe they feel “Excited to help strengthen and improve this accessible set of tools”.

Along the same lines, Ton Roosendaal, founder and president of Blender, commented that “This is a great step forward”, adding that this represents “An excellent example of the industry’s increasing acceptance of working with free and open source software”.

Adobe’s first contributions to Blender

In the Adobe blog they specify more details about this contribution. In the immediate term, they contributed two new plugins to the project: Substance 3D in Blender and Mixamo Auto-Control Rig Plugin for Blender. Both are now available, in beta version, marking the beginning of an interesting collaboration.

In this release, longer than that of Blender, the company behind Photoshop, After Effects and Audition affirms that they seek to “do their part” to ensure the survival and growth of the project.

“Supporting the open source development of Blender is a passion for many of our team at Adobe – there are many designers and researchers, internal, working on Blender-related projects right now. With Adobe’s contribution to Blender, we hope to be doing our part to help strengthen and improve this accessible set of tools. “ points to part of the note.

Blender is an application of massive use for multiple uses, standing out in audiovisual production and videogame design. If there were doubts about their relevance, movements like this one, which drag on the greats of the industry, can help to clear them.

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