Amazon Alexa – Widgets for the Echo Show home screen

For years, Amazon Alexa users have wanted more customization options on the home screen of an Amazon Echo device. Amazon has slowly understood this and is heading in the right direction. With the newly announced APL widgets, developers can display dynamic content on the screen of an Echo Show.

Widgets on the Echo Show’s home screen

A lot of news for developers was announced at yesterday’s Alexa Live Event. Among other things, the APL widgets for the start screen, which enable Alexa Skills developers to display content on the start screen. As you can see in the screenshot, this content seems to be very variable in terms of design. From simple notes to lists that can be scrolled and edited.

All content is continuously updated automatically, for communication the backend is probably called in the skill itself, where the developer then provides the logic for the data.

How these widgets can be added to the home screen has not been explained. Either this happens with a command from the skill or there will be a settings page that then evaluates which content can provide from all the activated skills of the user.

It’s not quite what all users want, but it’s going in the right direction!

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