Apple Arcade: two new games arrive in the catalog

Apple continues to grow its service by adding two mobile games to its subscribers as well as a major update for a third title.

Apple has been unveiling more and more games coming soon to its service for several weeks now. Apple Arcade. This week, the firm announced the upcoming arrival of two other titles that should be very popular with subscribers. The first game to be released soon is Tetris Beats. Both classic Tetris and rhythm game, Tetris Beats encourages you to stack the blocks in time with the music in order to chain combos and thus have better scores.

The second game to soon arrive in the catalog is Monster Hunter Stories first of the name. This is an RPG developed by Capcom in which you play as a rider who sets off to explore the world by fighting monsters and raising your own creatures. The second opus, which you can read our test, was recently released on Nintendo Switch.

Finally, the title Skate City, already available on the platform, will receive an update that will bring with it the environment of Tokyo. This marks the arrival of more than 60 challenges to complete in the urban environment of the Japanese city, which happens to be the scene of the Olympic Games this year. It is therefore also an opportunity to recall that skateboarding is one of the new official disciplines of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

How to get these games?

As a reminder, Apple Arcade is a subscription service available on all iOS, macOS and Apple TV devices at a price of € 4.99 per month. It allows you to access more than a hundred games in an unlimited way, the catalog of which is regularly updated. If some of the games offered can find their way onto consoles, they are never available on Android devices since they are very often exclusives.

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