Dynamic content for the header photo of a Twitter account

Previously, we presented a tool that allows you to create progress bar to use as a profile photo frame for a Twitter account.

Now, from the hand of the same creator, comes a similar tool, which allows adding dynamic content to the header photo of an account, such as a list of their latest followers, among other possibilities.

Personalized content on your Twitter banner, automatically updated

Upon entering the Blackmagic banner creator, you need to log in with a Twitter account and authorize the application. Then, it is necessary to choose one of the available pre-designed structures, which can later be customized with the text they present, their design and some configuration variables.

The three dynamic elements that give life to these banners are three: a list with the latest emojis received in reply tweets, a gallery with the latest followers who have reached that account, and a countdown, with a specific date and time on the screen. All these variables, due to the attractiveness they are arranged in the images created, can be a good incentive to encourage interaction.

Once the created banner is enabled, it will update automatically every 120 seconds. The upgrade time can be shortened to half a minute by subscribing to a paid membership.

Obtaining the information that is captured from a Twitter account is carried out by this platform through the API of the social network. As with any other authorized external tool, your permission can be revoked at any time, from the settings of the Twitter account in question.

For advanced users, it might be interesting to take a look at the “source” section that appears as an option when editing a banner, as it allows the involved JSON code to be intervened and to play with its properties.

The generated banners have a small watermark in the upper right corner, which can be removed with the acquisition of a paid membership.

Apart from the slowdown of updates and the watermark that they add to these graphs, the rest of the functions, which are the true engine of this tool, are available through its free plan.

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