Google launches a new backup system on Android

Google One will have more prominence on Android, since its backup copies will replace the current system that we find on devices.

And no, it will not be necessary to have a Google One subscription to have this update, which is already being implemented on some Android devices.

New backup system in Android

Google is updating its backup system on Android, as mentioned in 9to5Google. This update is based on Google One, its cloud storage system.

A new dynamic that will be available to all users as part of the new Android backup system. There is no need for users to take any action, as the update to “Google One Backup” will automatically take place in the background.

Once they notice this change, they can choose which items to back up. One difference that you will notice with this new proposal from Google is that it offers a unified dynamic, so it will not be necessary to complicate yourself with different solutions to make a backup of everything you have on the device.

Photos, videos, system settings, wallpapers, MMS, SMS, device preferences, WiFI passwords, among other content. So they can control the backup copies of all these elements from one place.

While Google One offers premium features for its subscribers, the same dynamics don’t apply to this new backup system. All users, regardless of whether they have a Google One account or not, will receive this update. One detail to keep in mind is that in the case of those who are not Google One subscribers, they will only have to deal with the 15 GB that Google provides for free accounts.

There are not too many details about the upgrade plans yet, it is expected to be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

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