Instagram rolls out new tool to avoid sensitive content

The platform hopes to make it easier for its users to be confronted with sensitive or offensive content.

On Instagram, the content judged “Disturbing or offensive” by the platform are usually censored (which gives rise to a number of complaints from some content creators), or stamped as sensitive. In the latter case, a filter hides the post from users, who can then decide to view the content, or on the contrary to ignore it. Now, and in order to offer even more control to Internet users, Facebook has decided to add a new feature to its photo sharing. From the application settings, it will be possible to regulate the censorship of sensitive posts according to three levels: “Allow”, “Limit” (applicable by default), and “Limit further”.

Moderate the Explore tab

In an official statement, Instagram however wished to reassure its users: even having selected a low moderation of sensitive content, the platform’s algorithm will continue to prohibit sexually explicit or violent posts. It will simply be a matter of leaving more freedom to the Explore tab, usually based on recommendations from the social network.

For the moment deployed on a few Instagram accounts, this new feature should gradually be available internationally. Note that the settings to allow potentially sensitive content will not be allowed for user accounts identified as minors. A logical decision on the part of the platform, which prohibited (just like Pinterest) publications promoting weight loss and dietary supplements “Slimming” to minors.

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