LG OLED C1 TV test, a mastery lesson

With its C1 range, LG is making a strong comeback in a market of which it is already one of the undisputed masters. In use, what is this high-end OLED TV worth?

When looking at the TV market, it’s hard to miss LG. For several years, the South Korean manufacturer has multiplied the references in the sector with its OLED screens. The LG C9 had thus set itself up as a real benchmark, while the brand continued to take the lead last year with the range CX.

This year, the manufacturer returns with a new high-end OLED model, soberly called LG C1. It uses the same formula while improving it further, with, once again, a wide range that revolves around multiple screen sizes: 48, 55, 65, 77 and an impressive 83-inch model. We were able to test the 65-inch version, and here are our impressions.


LG OLED65G1 at the best price Base price: 2,599 €

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Design of the LG OLED65C1

If you’ve had the chance to take a look at the LG CX, this new model might remind you of something. The LG OLED65C1 TV looks exactly like its predecessor. We still find this large OLED panel surrounded by thin borders, this extremely thin chassis on the height and thickening on the lower part – which brings together the on-board electronics – and finally this large foot on which everything rests.

A proven design which, if it has already been unanimous among owners of OLED televisions from LG, still has some flaws. First, the TV is heavy, very heavy. Our 65-inch test model weighs in fact no less than 33 kg, and the installation is not really easy, especially as the top of the TV is so thin and fragile that it is better to be careful … and s ‘take it together!


Finally, the big foot may have its advantages, especially thanks to its ingenious system for hiding cables and its ability to “reflect” the sound towards you (we will come back to this), it is not the least bulky. Since it sticks out a lot at the back, it will be impossible to press the TV perfectly against a wall – thus limiting the possible recoil – and its placement can limit the use of a sound bar in the front.


Nevertheless, the general look remains particularly successful, with an undeniable character specific to LG, and this impressive smoothness of the panel on the height. In addition, as soon as it is turned on, the television instantly makes us forget the setbacks you may have encountered during installation …

Image, Connectivity & Sound

Already a benchmark in terms of image quality, LG continues to shine with this C1 2021 model. The television features a 4K OLED panel (3840 x 2160 pixels) with a refresh rate of 100 Hz. LG resumes its recipe here hard-tested self-emissive pixels, and it is clear that the result is still up to our expectations … so much so that it is difficult to see a real gap in quality compared to the previous generation, which is already excellent.

In use, we therefore enjoy incredible image quality, quite simply. The contrast is really infinite, the colors are perfectly calibrated, and the brightness – yet one of the weak points of OLED – quite exceptional. The viewing angles are also excellent and the uniformity of the panel is respected. Only downside: this panel is shiny, and the reflections are therefore quite marked. Avoid placing it in front of a window as this will spoil the experience.


New this year is not so much the panel, but rather the new Alpha 9 Gen 4 AI processor, which offers new optimizations in image quality thanks to its ability to detect people and objects.

Finally, what about the players? The on-board connectivity within this LG OLED65C1 should fully suit them, since there are no less than 4 HDMI 2.1 ports compatible with eARC, and therefore ready to welcome next gen consoles and enjoy all their novelties.

Note that there is also an Ethernet port, an optical audio output, a headphone output (quite rare to note it), and several USB-A ports. Finally, PC gamers will also be able to take advantage of AMD’s Freesync and NVIDIA’s G-Sync, integrated into this LG C1. The general latency is low enough to satisfy the players, all the more thanks to the optimizations allowed by the integrated game mode. If you are looking for an ideal, all-rounder television for playing video games, you may have found the rare pearl.


Regarding sound, the 65-inch model we tested offers a total power of 40W, thanks to two speakers located under the screen and a subwoofer at the back. We also take advantage of a system called AI Sound to improve the sound reproduction according to the content viewed.

In fact, the sound produced by this television is really good for an integrated system. The central foot may be imposing, it allows you to direct the sound coming from the speakers towards you, but also to prevent it from being directly reflected on the surface of a wooden piece of furniture. Obviously, this sound system doesn’t offer anything like a soundbar, but it doesn’t stop you knowing that the TV is capable of delivering decent sound out of the box.

Remote control & software interface

The other big novelty of this range compared to CXs is its new remote control. If it is still made of plastic, its shape changes to better match the shape of your hand. There are also some small new features such as buttons allowing direct access to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, Rakuten TV but also Google Assistant and Alexa voice assistants, depending on your preferences.

The operation of this remote control is always based on a gyroscope system which allows it to serve as a pointer to navigate in the interface, like a Nintendo Wiimote. In fact, this remote control fulfills its functions perfectly, and allows you to control your TV with your finger and eye. And after all, that’s all we ask of him. We still find it rather impressive and, even if it means undertaking a redesign, LG could have shown a little more minimalism by reducing the number of buttons… or at least adding the backlighting, which is still missing. But we quibble.

Lastly, LG’s C1 series televisions immediately integrate LG’s new software interface, webOS 6.0. Unlike its competitors who rely on Google’s solution, Google TV, LG is indeed one of those who prefers a proprietary solution, like Samsung with Tizen.


In this new iteration, webOS is taking over the fashion of the moment on TV by highlighting the content more than the applications on the home page. In practice, webOS 6.0 will therefore display both your favorite applications but also content likely to please you, with additional information, such as the names of the actors playing in a movie, etc.

Beyond the home page, webOS 6.0 always offers a very neat interface that is organized around a banner that is displayed on the lower part of the screen, while leaving the rest of the panel to display content. A second sub-banner displays certain additional information above this first banner. In use, we find this aesthetically successful interface, but not necessarily the most practical or even downright messy at times. But that remains, of course, a matter of habit. The only real flaw of this home interface is the absence of the huge catalog of applications from a Play Store. It will therefore be necessary to clearly identify your needs before purchase, even if webOS now offers most – if not more – applications that you might want to use on a television.

LG OLED65G1 at the best price Base price: 2,599 €

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