Microsoft Edge already makes mobile logins easy with its password manager

Microsoft is already setting its sights on the start of the next academic year, which is just around the corner, trying to place Edge as part of the student experience, regardless of whether the academic course will be face-to-face, hybrid or online, depending on the epidemiological situation in each territory.

The company considers that the necessary time has come to carry out the planning for the next school year, so that everything can be ready in time before the beginning of the same and not waste time.

Of everything advertised for your browser Edge, we can highlight that the new mobile version of Edge will already allow autocomplete the login credentials with those that have been saved in the browser.

This will mean that the Edge browser on mobile devices will work in a similar way to any other password manager, being able to complete the credentials on pages and services that you want to access, as long as the credentials of the same are saved.

Edge also debuts new security features for passwords

Continuing with the credentials, Edge will debut as new features of security the new password status panel by which it will indicate to users the level of strength of the passwords they are saving, that is, how secure it is, in addition to indicating whether it has already been used in other applications or services.

In Microsoft they remember the existence of other integrated security functions, such as Password Monitor, which indicates if a password has been found in a data breach.

In another vein, they include a new way to save and access collections that make this feature easier for users to use.

Finally, they announce the arrival of the new Microsoft Outlook extension for Edge, which puts mail, calendar, contacts and tasks within the reach of users without having to leave the web they are visiting.

More specifically, they specify that:

Without opening a new tab, I can send and receive email and manage my calendar, tasks, and more. I can quickly access my Outlook work account or my personal or Hotmail account without switching to another tab or app.

The extension is now available to all Edge users through the tienda Edge Add-Ons.

More information: Microsoft

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