Mobile plan: be stingy before the holidays, here is an XXL deal

Before the summer holidays, why not save on your mobile plan? Currently, RED by SFR is holding its Big RED operation. The latter takes place a few times a year and offers the most aggressive prices on the market.

RED by SFR and one of the major players in the telecoms world in France. He is known for his mobile plan without commitment whose prices are among the lowest on the market. Right now, he’s going one step further with a Big RED operation. The latter reduces your bill by 40% more, knowing that its starting price was already competitive.

If you have to change your mobile plan, the time to do it really is now. For those who want to prepare for the start of the school year in advance, you should take advantage of this opportunity. No one is saying she will be running again by the start of the school year. Last year, the operators were also very timid in September, this Big RED is an excellent offer.

To see the three formulas at reduced prices, it’s here:

See the Big RED offer

Attention, we must still remember that this Big RED has an end date: July 27. Last week, RED by SFR put an early end to an operation (RED Deal with a Redmi Note 10 Pro smartphone included) before the official end. If you don’t want to miss this Big RED operation, don’t delay.

A range for all French people

If RED by SFR has millions of customers, it is because it has succeeded in responding to all customer profiles. For his Big RED operation, he was careful to offer discounted packages that could meet all needs. As you will see above, its mobile plan is available in versions with 5, 100 and even 200 GB per month.

By default, each operator’s mobile plan is non-binding – and it includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. It is therefore the monthly volume of data that will influence the price of the final subscription. With the Big RED special offer, for example, you can take advantage of an unlimited plan with 200 GB for only 15 € per month. By way of comparison, this same subscription costs 25 € per month in normal times.

If you have a more moderate use (and a budget) of the data on your smartphone, the operator has an alternative. This mobile plan includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 100 GB per month for € 12. Note that you also have an additional 8 GB envelope which can be used in the EU and the DOM. For the 200 GB plan, it is even 15 GB that can be used every month in this extended region.

This 100 GB mobile plan will certainly be the most popular of all: it combines a generous volume of data for a very competitive price. If you stick with a subscription, this is the right plan to choose. With the use of data that explodes, this leaves you a good margin. That said, if you only use your smartphone very little, it’s still way too big.

See the Big RED offer

It is for this reason that RED by SFR has implemented a third solution. This mobile plan is much more limited than the others, but it will meet a large audience in France: it includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, 5 GB per month for 5 €. It is the cheapest, but it is still very correct. Indeed, over the last few months, for this same amount, the market offered between 200 MB and 1 GB.

RED by SFR also active on boxes

As for its mobile plan, RED by SFR also offers an internet box without obligation. Right now, it’s at the lowest price we’ve seen in the past two years. If you want to multiply the savings, this is a real nugget. Once you have verified your fiber eligibility then you are eligible for this huge deal.

In detail, this formula includes fiber with very high speed (1 Gb / s download), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles as well as 35 TV channels (either via the application or via a 19 €) for a total of 20 € per month. What is strong is that this same subscription is at 35 € in normal times. And unlike other ISPs, RED by SFR will not double the price after one year.

In the end, whether it is the mobile plan presented above or the internet box, RED by SFR stands out for its simplicity. It is without obligation, it is transparent and it is of high quality. For the internet box, you will even receive 100 euros in reimbursement costs if you terminate a competitor. We let you compare the price of this RED Box with your current offer, this may surprise you.

But whether it is the mobile plan or the box, the two rates are advantageous for a limited time. If you want to save money, you will have to subscribe to one of these offers before July 27. RED by SFR then risks suspending its operations until the start of the school year (at least). This is the last moment to reduce your bill before going on vacation.

To discover the RED Box, it’s here:

Discover the RED Box

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