Petal Speed, the new from Huawei to measure mobile Internet connection

Huawei continues to advance in the development of its ecosystem of services, now having Petal Speed ​​as the newest addition, although at the moment it is only available for the Chinese market through AppGallery.

Petal Speed ​​will allow you to verify the quality of the Internet connection, both in Wi-Fi networks and through mobile data, from 2G networks onwards, on the mobile devices themselves where it is installed, where it not only verifies the quality of the signal, since it will also consider the upload speed, the download speed and the latency of the connection, among other aspects, with the aim of offering optimal information to users through their mobile devices.

Yes OK is available for the Chinese market, interested parties available in other markets will be able to obtain the APK from other sources to be able to test the application, being able to understand it thanks to the translation of its contents in English, although the tests for the moment are not entirely reliable, since it currently only connects to servers available in China.

The new competition to SpeedTest and the like

According to the captures, and as those who test it can also verify, Huawei has taken pains to offer a fairly modern and functional user interface, quite well organized so that users can perform their tests and obtain the corresponding results practically instantaneously.

Users will be able to choose between manual selection and automatic selection of test servers. Each test that is carried out will be saved on the device itself for later reference.

Users will also know other aspects of the connection, such as the name of the operator in case of carrying out the test with mobile data, among other aspects.

It will be a matter of waiting for the company to internationalize it and it can be downloaded from other markets from the AppGallery itself., also offering the possibility of connecting to servers that may be available in other locations on the planet.

In any case, it is a clear competition to services known as Speedtest and the like, which will allow users to have a wide range to choose from, and above all, to compare results between different services.

Since Huawei Central The link is provided to download the corresponding APK so that those interested can install their application manually on their Android mobile devices.

It is already a matter of waiting for Petal Speed ​​to reach international markets.

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