Steam: Big Picture TV mode will give way to Steam Deck

Launched in 2012, Steam’s Big Picture mode will soon be replaced by the Steam Deck interface. Another promise from Valve, which intends to revolutionize the console market.

Announced by surprise last week, the Steam Deck intends to transform our approach to gaming, with a hybrid machine capable of running any game, in particular thanks to an open operating system based on Linux. For the occasion, Valve also formalized the arrival of a new SteamOS 3.0 user interface, which is about to replace the Big Picture mode initially released in 2012.

Designed for use on the PC, Steam quickly had to adapt to the demand of gamers, who wanted to be able to play on their TV and on the controller, like a real console. Launched in December 2012, the Big Picture mode thus made it possible to convert the Steam interface into a more joystick-friendly visual. A promising idea, but one which will never know any real success, probably because of its ergonomics not really successful. Even Valve seems to have quickly become aware of the problem, since the company had not made a real change to the app since 2015.

For the release of Steam Deck next December, Valve had to find a solution to the failed Big Picture interface. Rather than investing in a global update, the American firm finally preferred to play the novelty card, by creating a whole new interface under the name of SteamOS 3.0. Unsurprisingly, the latter will also replace the Big Picture feature. On the other hand, and unlike the Steam Deck which will be marketed in early 2022 from € 679, no deadline has yet been communicated on the disappearance of Big Picture.

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