The Honor Magic3 comes with a camera range so big that you can see it from space

The back cover has not yet been shown, but the large-cut case has.


Honor is preparing for a big throw at the international premiere on August 12, and the big one has to be taken literally: the back camera set will have space on a huge dial, which many preliminary targets have targeted. In its entirety a Magic3 The back of the brand isn’t shown yet, but George Zhao CEO already uses the phone, the design of which was inspired by the post-sunset or pre-sunrise lighting conditions that photographers only magic obsession golden hour they are referred to as and capture truly special colors above the horizon.

The size of the camera range on the back of the officially Snapdragon 888+ phone (or rather the mobile family) is evidenced by its protective case, which the brand is already willing to show, and I am personally with it: whatever the size of the island or hump, it is already it benefits the balance of the phone if it is placed in the middle instead of the top left corner. Otherwise, the mid-August premiere may be memorable for the first time in a long time that a new Honor phone with Google Play services will be unveiled, which is why the brand has become an independent player from Huawei.

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