The Witcher: Monster Slayer is available on iOS and Android

The witcher-inspired augmented reality title lets you go on a monster hunt right now.

The Spokko Games studio has just formalized the availability of the game The Witcher : Monster Slayer on iOS and Android. The game will immerse you in the world of witers, long before Geralt of Rivia’s rise to the profession. Check out the latest live action trailer released by CD Projekt below.

The Witcher : Monster Slayer is an augmented reality game, fashionable by Pokémon GO, in which you will be able to interact virtually with your environment to go in search of monsters to kill, merchants with whom to negotiate and many other characters. The bestiary will also be well supplied and CD Project even reserved a number of new monsters for us.

Like any self-respecting RPG, you will have to level up your character to face the most formidable monsters. To do this, you will need to concoct potions and oils to apply to your weapons and choose the right armor to protect yourself. The more monsters you kill, the more trophies you will collect and fill your bestiary.

Available on all mobiles, a special sword will be given to all players who download the game during the launch week. Seasons with new stories will gradually be launched in the game. CD Projekt has announced that the first season is already available.

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