There is already enough hate on Twitter to add this feature

Twitter is testing a “dislike” button on its social network. But is this really reasonable?

Almost 15 years after its launch, Twitter definitely looks like a teenager. Influenced, for example he took over the concept of Stories inaugurated by Snapchat years ago with the Fleets, before remove them. Now, Twitter is eyeing a feature on Youtube: a “Dislike” button.

The “dislike” in test on Twitter

Today, Twitter allows you to reply to a tweet, retweet it or like it. The “dislike” – long suspected on Facebook where it was finally replaced by “reactions” – is now emerging. For now, the functionality is simply the subject of a test in order to “Understand the types of responses that [les utilisateurs] find them relevant in a conversation, so find ways to display them more. “

Immediately after this announcement, Twitter was targeted by many Internet users who are worried that this new “dislike” button will further aggravate the sad reputation that still sticks to the skin of the social network.

The moderation of Twitter has indeed long been singled out, so that several associations had dragged the social network to French justice to keep its commitments. In early July, justice ordered Twitter to detail the means put in place to fight against online hatred.

Note, however, that, for now, this is still only a test. It is therefore not expected that the functionality will be generalized to all users, at least, ” for the time being “. The social network also specifies that these famous “dislikes” will not be visible to other users. This button will rather act as a vote to qualify the relevance of a content, a bit like Reddit.

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