Tumblr is back … with a paid subscription

The star blogging platform of the 2010s now wants to establish itself as a space dedicated to creators of content, who will now be able to charge a paid subscription to their subscribers.

Tumblr wants to pay its content creators. In the vein of other social networks which are trying to impose themselves on their users by offering possibilities of remuneration, Tumblr will soon allow its content creators to be paid via a paywall. Called Post Plus, this new option will offer bloggers the possibility of invoicing their subscribers, up to a subscription between $ 3.99 and $ 9.99 per month.

On Tumblr, content creators can therefore be paid for their work. Contrary to OnlyFans, which requires a systematic subscription to access the content offered on the platform, the company specializing in microblogging hosting will operate à la carte: the content creator can thus decide which publications will be accessible for free, and which will require a premium subscription.

For the moment accessible only in a closed beta, this new compensation offer imagined by Tumblr is also a way for the company to afford a new financial windfall, at a time when the platform’s audience is decreasing over time. months. So, the firm will receive 5% of the subscription price. A relatively low commission, especially when you know that if the transaction is carried out on Android or iOS, an additional commission of up to 30% will be charged by Google and Apple.

However, the arrival of this feature on Tumblr is not a surprise. Like TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, more and more platforms now intend to rely on their influencers to attract new Internet users, without hesitating to get their hands on the wallet. In addition, newsletters and microblogging platforms are on the rise at the moment, to the point that Facebook also deployed a few weeks ago, a platform called Bulletin.

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