Xiaomi HyperCharge may come next year

200W of charging power is still strongly sci-fi on mobiles, but Xiaomi has not only unveiled its own technology, it is said to launch in 2022.


A MyDrivers Based on his recent post, the news started that in June 2022, the Xiaomi HyperCharge-capable devices that will no longer only demonstrate, but in practice, be able to use 200W of charging power and up to 8 minutes of 0-100% charging on a wire. The Chinese side named bloggers with access to internal sources who didn’t really care about the embargo as a source, but of course not specified, anyway, as they themselves rarely used to write complete impossibilities, so we might even believe them.

The technology was previously redesigned We 11 Pron demonstrated, presumably for safety and thermal management reasons, it was 20% less than its original battery capacity, but the super-fast charging obviously compensates for this significantly. The final product in which we can try this will certainly be the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra next year. Xiaomi claims that HyperCharge doesn’t degrade the battery as much as we think they think The battery loses 20% in 800 cycles, which is really not bad considering the practical possibilities (assuming not all of our charges will be HyperCharge), especially if we know that according to the Chinese authority, 60% of the capacity must remain in one battery after 400 cycles.

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