7nm: Intel puts a boost on the development of its chips

After a very complicated year, the CEO of Intel has delivered some meager details on his plans to accelerate the development of the 7nm architecture.

The past few years have not been the easiest for Intel, but the blue team could finally see the end of the tunnel. In the company’s quarterly report, CEO Pat Gelsinger announced that 7nm processors are on the right track, but also that they “accelerated its pace of innovation with further advances in semiconductors

Good news since last year, the blue team chose to separate from its CEO Bob Swan and the head of its division hardware. Intel was also forced to announce big delays on the future 7nm architecture. Admittedly, the finesse of engraving is not everything, far from it. But this was another setback, all the more difficult to cope with with competition from AMD, which continues to innovate at a breakneck pace.

The economic fallout from the pandemic

This announcement comes in any case in a rather favorable period for Intel, which seems to be taking its head out of the water little by little with encouraging financial results. These are directly linked to a increased demand for computer hardware in the context of the pandemic; with each confinement, we were able to observe significant peaks in demand, as much among individuals as among professionals and institutions.

A windfall that would have generated 10.1 billion dollars in revenue over the past quarter. For the group, this is even a record over this period. On the other hand, prohibition to rest on its laurels; While Intel has been able to juggle the global semiconductor shortage so far, the most recent figures seem to point to a dramatic drop in PC sales.

So let’s hope for the founder that these encouraging announcements are based on tangible progress. Because the more time passes, the competition becomes fiercer. The orange team should not be counted on to slow down, and for Intel, it is absolutely vital to continue to box in the same category.

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