Almost all Echo devices get Smart Home Standard Matter

During the Alexa Live 2021 developer conference, the Matter smart home standard for Echo devices was announced. Of course, the event also focused on developing your own devices with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Amazon brings the Matter standard for more Smart Home compatibility to almost all existing Echo speakers. Only the first generation and the tap are excluded.

Matter compatibility comes via an update for Echo devices

Amazon wants to make its Echo speakers compatible with the Matter smart home standard retrospectively by means of an update. Amazon shared this as part of the Developer conference Alexa Live 2021 With. Only the first generation Echo and Echo Dot will no longer receive this update. Ok … not even the Amazon Tap, but it never had its breakthrough here on the market.

If you don’t know Matter yet, please feel free to contact us Summary of the Standard Matter read. Basically, it is an alliance of manufacturers who have jointly decided on a common standard for communication in the smart home. This of course also includes Amazon and therefore the in-house Echo devices should of course also support Matter. Matter is IP-based and therefore supports various transmission standards. In addition to Bluetooth Low Energy, WLAN, Ethernet and Thread are officially supported. This is the only way for comprehensive communication between the devices to function.

It was not communicated when exactly the updates for the devices would appear. It may well be that some devices have already been updated or that this will only happen with the next updates. Amazon will also shortly be releasing additional tools that developers can use to build Matter-certified devices – and is ready to begin testing Matter devices from manufacturers.

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