Apple Music Brings Spatial Audio and Lossless Streaming to Android

Platforms for the transmission of music content over the Internet strive to offer the best features to their users. Each of them have their respective strategies, although along the way, many of them eventually reach levels similar to that of the competition in order not to be left behind.

And even in the same service, it is also about equating the benefits offered on one platform with the other, and more if the other has a greater number of users, as in the case at hand: Apple Music.

More sound quality on Android, but with conditions

Apple Music, Apple’s music content streaming service, rival to services like Spotify, brings spatial audio capabilities to the scene with Dolby Atmos and lossless quality streaming capabilities to the Android mobile platform, arriving a month after its arrival on iOS devices.

Now, we should not claim victory, since there are a series of conditions to take into account, so that all Apple Music users on Android devices will not be able to access these features.

On the one hand, spatial audio support is only possible on those smartphone models that are compatible with Dolby Atmos, in which case they will be able to enable spatial audio.

On the other hand, for the transmission of quality without losses, Apple warns that this feature consumes significantly more data, as in iOS, which will also be necessary to have a hardware external so that you can enjoy the lossless high quality sound.

In any case, these two new capabilities, which were presented at the last edition of the event for developers, and launched in June for Apple devices, are already present in the new version of Apple Music for Android.

It will already be a matter of Apple Music users on Android devices install the new version from Google Play and check if your devices can benefit from these two new features so that you can enjoy your favorite music tracks at a completely higher quality level.

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