Clubhouse is now accessible to all, without invitation

After a few successful months where Clubhouse was only available in beta and by invitation, the audio app is now available to everyone, and promises to be as popular as ever.

At the time of its launch, Clubhouse was THE new social network in which to invest. It must be said that the application has managed a hell of a marketing stunt, playing the card of selectivity. Available only on iOS, and by invitation, the whole Internet, and in particular several American stars, have flocked to the audio lounge platform.

After a dazzling success at the time of its launch, Clubhouse now hopes to establish itself over time. The social network has just announced the release of its final version, and especially the deletion of its invitation system, who “Had been deployed as a mechanism to slow the growth of registrations” at the time of the beta, explains an official statement. Available for a few months on Android devices, the application is now open to everyone.

Is Clubhouse doomed to oblivion?

Yes but there you go. If the application was very successful at the time of its release – which occurred at the same time as the first lockdowns, the enthusiasm around Clubhouse now seems to have come down like a breath. Especially since the big names of the web like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Reddit did not wait long before reclaiming the idea to enrich their own platforms.

Never mind, Clubhouse intends to stay in the long run. According to the company, the number of users has also registered a constant increase since its launch. In July, they are 500,000 chat rooms that would be created daily, against 300,000 last May, and 400,000 in June. Without specifying the total number of active users on the platform, the American firm estimated that 10 million new people had joined Clubhouse since opening the application to Android.

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