Facebook brings its cloud gaming platform to Apple devices through a web

Facebook is one of the many technology companies that are dissatisfied with the demands of Apple’s App Store so, like other companies that have tried to bring their gaming platforms to users of iOS and iPadOS mobile devices, such as Microsoft or Amazon, the giant of social networks has finally chosen to do the same.

In this sense, From today Friday, all those users of the indicated mobile devices, as long as they are in markets where the Facebook gaming platform is available, will have access to it from today through a new web, being able to add a direct access of it to the home page of their mobile devices to have it more at hand.

The web as the only way to overcome the demands of Apple with games in the cloud

On this website you will find a library of games made up of HTML5 games and games transmitted directly from the cloud, with the advantage that at the same time run from a web, circumvents the demands of the Apple App Store.

In this sense, in-game purchases will go directly through Facebook through its payment system Facebook Pay, without Apple being able to perceive anything for it.

But even so, the question is how will Facebook go about bringing users to the web, taking into account that they cannot do it from their applications, as long as they have non-Apple purchasing methods.

On the other hand, the experience at the graphical level will differ with respect to the native application, to which we must add other limitations of the Safari browser with respect to web-based games, such as the sound disabled by default and the lack of automatic notifications.

Vivek Sharma, points to The Verge what:

We’ve come to the same conclusion as others: web apps are the only option for streaming cloud games on iOS right now

Regarding changes to Apple’s App Store to support cloud-based games under a number of conditions, it alleges that:

Apple’s requirement that each cloud game have its own page, be reviewed, and appear in search lists defeats the purpose of cloud games. These obstacles prevent gamers from discovering new games, playing on multiple devices, and accessing high-quality games instantly in native iOS apps, even for those not using the newer and more expensive devices.

It will be a matter of Facebook developers seeing a way to bring the web to users without breaking Apple’s rules.

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