Google Drive has a new tool to block spam

Google Drive is already rolling out a new tool that will help block spam.

Although it will not be a dynamic that solves the problem, it does allow you to momentarily deal with some annoying users.

New Drive tool to block annoying users

While Google Drive has many features that make it easy to share documents and files between computers, it also allows anyone to send files to us without our consent. And this can cause them to fill our account with spam or requests from users that we do not know.

However, Google now makes it easy to fix this problem with a new feature to block spam. While we will not be able to prevent annoying users from sharing files with us, it does give us the ability to block that email address to prevent them from sharing more content in the future.

The dynamics is very simple, since it only consists of right clicking on the shared file and selecting “Block”. Once we carry out this action, the user will not be able to share any more files with us, unless they use another email address.

And in the case of files that have already been shared, Google Drive will hide them from our account when we perform the “block” action. On the other hand, if we already had contact with that user and have shared files in the past, but the situation changed and we have blocked them, they will not have access to that content either.

So this Google tool can be practical for a series of situations that occur when we work with different users in a resuming way. While it won’t help us prevent spam files or unexpected requests from reaching us, it does allow us to put a stop to it.

According to the Google team, this new tool will be gradually rolled out to all users over the next few weeks.

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