Google presented a game like doodle, for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Today, at 1:00 p.m. in Spain, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games formally begin, an edition postponed since last year due to the global health contingency.

As is often the case with relevant events, Google presented a role-playing game with sports events, such as the Doodle of this sports event.

Champions Island, the Tokyo 2020 Doodle

Champion Island, also presented in Spanish as the Island of Champions, is the Doodle that Google presented in commemoration of the Olympic games that begin today.

This is not a simple interactivity. Rather, it is a comprehensive game that features tests for a wide variety of sports disciplines.

Following an aesthetic pixel art and a musicalization typical of a game on the consoles of yesteryear, the main dynamic is posed as in RPG games and inevitably recalls, at least in this part, titles such as Pokémon, Legend of Zelda or others from the 16-bit era. The protagonist of the game, our character when playing, is Lucky, an athlete cat who, when traveling the world of this game, must challenge different “legendary champions” of sports disciplines such as table tennis, skateboarding, archery, rugby, artistic swimming, climbing and marathon.

These seven levels can be played both from the computer and on the mobile. In the first case, the character controls with the keyboard arrows and the space bar, while from a phone or tablet, you can play with the controls that are displayed on the screen.

This game was developed jointly by Google and the Japanese animation studio STUDIO 4 ° C.

“We want to convey that joy can result from the concentration and hard work of each one of us, which is not always recognized by others”, noted the team after this game in their presentation.

In addition to this complete Doodle, to get in tune with this event Google prepared a game selection on Google Play with titles related to Olympic sports, original productions for YouTube, new questions for the Google Assistant and a selection of visits of Tokyo by Street View, all presented through its blog.

If you want to access the game Isla de Campeones, learn more about its history, characters and creation process, Google has a special site dedicated to this Doodle.

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