Instagram tests a new tool to stop bullying

Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow users to stop a bullying campaign.

This new tool aims to provide a solution when users face group harassment, and the controls offered by the platform are not enough.

Instagram tests a new tool to stop bullying campaigns

Unlike other functions that we find on the platform, this tool offers a more radical dynamic to stop group harassment. In those cases, Instagram It will recommend groups of accounts so that the user can limit the interaction, either by limiting their messages or comments.

And any interaction they produce from those accounts will be hidden unless the user approves them. A dynamic that follows one of the objectives of Instagram, as he recalled Adam Mosseri:

It is important to us that everyone feels safe and comfortable on our platform. We are getting better at identifying and eliminating hate speech and racism, but we are making mistakes and we must do more. We are constantly working to do more, and we also provide people with the tools they need to regain power when they are bullied.

So when a user faces a harassment campaign on Instagram, they can use this new feature, called “Limits”, to stop it by temporarily blocking the interaction of the account. This new tool will be rolling out in selected countries on a trial basis. And at the moment, they have not mentioned when it will be deployed to everyone.

Remember that Instagram acknowledged that its technology had serious moderation errors just a few days ago, as it did not stop the avalanche of abusive comments received by English footballers after the Euro 2020 final:

We have technology to try to prioritize reports, and we were wrongly marking some of these as benign comments, which they are not at all. Since then, the issue has been addressed and the post has all of this context.

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