LG improves its mask of the future (the Delta variant had better watch out)

LG’s PuriCare Air Purifier has a new version with built-in microphone and speaker.

A year and a half ago, the widespread use of a face mask to protect against a virus was only a dystopian scenario. Today, the mask has definitely become a reality, even a symbol of this never-ending health crisis.

Faced with the growing demand for surgical masks and FFP2s, some manufacturers have thus embarked on the design of a high-tech face mask over the past year. This is the case, for example, of Razer with its Project Hazel, but also from LG with the PuriCare Air Purifier, a smart face mask launched late last year. The latter has just been entitled to an overhaul!

LG’s mask will make people talk, literally

In its first version, LG’s PuriCare Air Purifier was already the ideal accessory for any hypochondriac. With this V2, it is even more so.

The mask always relies on two filters “HEPA H13” capable of blocking 99.95% of airborne bacteria and viruses. There are also ventilators to allow the wearer to breathe properly. LG’s mask has a sensor “respiratory” which determines the wearer’s breathing profile, in order to adjust the speed of the fans to one of the three available settings.

In this new version, LG’s PuriCare Air Purifier is equipped with a microphone / speaker combo, making it possible to amplify the wearer’s voice. Indeed, if a traditional surgical mask already stifles the voice, one can imagine that it will be difficult to correctly discern the voice of the wearer of such a device.

Finally, the LG mask now offers a 1000 mAh battery, against 820 mAh on the first version. The announced autonomy remains the same, however, with 8 hours in total. Finally, LG announces that this V2 has a slightly lighter engine. The device will be sold in Thailand from the end of August.

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