Microsoft Edge will tell you how much resources you are saving with suspended tabs

Microsoft wants you to be aware of how many resources you are saving your team by taking advantage of its “sleeping or suspended tabs” system in its web browser.

And while we can use the Windows tool to find out this information, Microsoft Edge wants to make it easier for you with a new function.

New Edge tool to save data with open tabs

Last year, Microsoft Edge implemented the “sleeping tabs” system to prevent our habit of opening too many tabs in the browser from consuming excessive computer resources. The tests that he shared at the time, will show a reduction of up to 26% of the RAM.

And this dynamic that is implemented thanks to Chromium technology is simple to apply, since Microsoft configures by default that the sleeping tabs are activated when they spend more than 2 hours of inactivity, although we can change the period of time.

But to make your users more aware of these resource savings, you plan to show them this data clearly. Yes, a resource tracker that will tell you how many resources you are saving by applying this “sleeping tab” system.

At the moment, this is a test function in the Canary version of Microsoft Edge, but we can see some details of its operation in the screenshot that is shared in Reddit. As seen in the image, Microsoft shows in each suspended tab, individually, an estimate of the% of resources that you are saving to the team. To see this data it is only necessary to put the mouse pointer over the suspended tab, and it will be shown as part of the information card.

It can be a practical tool if we are just using resources and we cannot get rid of all the open tabs. At the moment, we have to wait for Microsoft to pass this phase function so that we can test it in one of its stable versions.

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