Microsoft Teams will make it easy to open and edit Office files

Microsoft Teams will roll out a convenient update that will make it easier to use Office files.

In a future update, Teams will allow us to set a default option to open our files, beyond the integrated viewer.

It will be easier to work with Office files in Microsoft Teams

Using Office files in team work is almost a constant, and if you lead meetings or coordinate your projects using Teams, you will find that this process will now be much easier.

Simply click on a Word or PowerPoint document to open it directly in the standalone Office apps, the default web browser, or the Microsoft Teams desktop app.

Yes, files will no longer be forced to display only in the built-in Teams viewer or the web version of Office. A small change that will make it easier to display the files to the application that is most convenient, taking into account whether we only want to view them or go directly to editing.

Users will be able to change the default option offered by Microsoft Teams to open Office files from settings. It is only necessary to go to the Files section and select one of the new options that will be available shortly: the integrated Office viewer (which saves changes automatically in Office), the web version of Office (only to view the files, now changes cannot be applied), or directly open the desktop Office client (on Windows or macOS)

And of course, you can always change these settings from the same shared file in Teams, so you can change the default option individually, as necessary. This new Microsoft Teams dynamic will apply to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

This is part of the frequent updates of Teams so that teams can customize their work dynamics according to their needs.

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