no health pass for sessions of less than 50 people

The sanitary pass will not apply for screenings of less than 50 spectators, if only 49 seats have been put up for sale.

This weekend, the weather will be far from good. To occupy themselves, many are those who will turn to the dark rooms to discover all the novelties in matters of 7th art like Kaamelott, of which the review is available here. But this summer session is getting ready since unvaccinated people will have to take a PCR or negative antigen test to get their precious sesame. If the prospect of having your nostrils cleaned before each session doesn’t make you happy, there is a solution. Indeed, the Directorate General of Health has just confirmed that the health pass will not be compulsory in rooms with fewer than 50 spectators.

A nuance nevertheless

Concretely, rooms with less than 50 seats are the first concerned. The regulations also apply when the exhibitors limit the number of places available to 49. On the other hand, in the event that a screening is not complete and more than 50 places have been put up for sale, it will always be necessary to check out. provide the QR Code. It was the Minister of Health, Olivier Veran, who specified the terms of these new measures to France Info.

A set-up time

In view of the hasty nature of the measures taken by the executive, the government is inclined to grant a set-up period to all theater operators. Gabriel Attal, the government spokesman, indicated that no sanctions will be applied during “A week or a little longer”.

Remember that the health pass consists of a complete vaccination cycle (7 days after the second injection) or a negative PCR / antigen test. For people who have contracted the virus, it is necessary to present a certificate of recovery of at least 11 days and less than 6 months. This health pass currently only applies to adults. Spectators enter 12 and 17 years old will not be required to present it before August 30 next according to the government site.

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