Nuki Smart Lock can now be used in Alexa routines

The Nuki Smart Lock and the Nuki Opener can now also be used as a trigger or actuator in the Alexa routines.

Alexa routines now compatible with Nuki

The Nuki devices have been displayed in the Alexa app in the routines for several months, but have not yet been used. If you selected the Smart Lock, the message came that the device could not be used. This has now changed, because from now on the Nuki Smart Lock and the Nuki Opener can be used both as a trigger for a routine and as a controllable device within a routine.

As a practical application example, you can have Alexa speak a greeting when you enter your apartment, or simply switch off other smart home devices such as the light or the heating when you close the front door.

Do you have any other ideas as to which useful routines can be implemented with the Nuki devices? Feel free to write them in the comments!

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Thank you Simone!

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