The camera of the mobiles is protected by Gorilla Glass DX and DX +

Not only is it durable, but it lets in plenty of light and minimizes glare from the manufacturer’s new glass.


Corning has announced two new lens-protective glass composites called Gorilla Glass DX and DX +. The underlying technology is not new, as it has existed since 2018 to protect the display of all kinds of smartwatches, but now there has been a big leap in transparency and scaling that will allow the cameras of that type of glass to protect the cameras of the future.

The enhanced optical purity is said to make the highly durable glass capable of transmitting up to 98% of ambient light with minimal reflection. Corning has not yet revealed which smartphone we will first encounter the technology with, but it is certain that Samsung will be the first device to receive the said bottle. Maybe already the It will be Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3, or 2022 Up to Galaxy S22 series do we have to wait for it?

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