The PS5 passes the fateful bar of 10 million sales

A real achievement for Sony which is very proud to be able to announce that the PS5 once again beats the numbers of the PS4 before it.

It has been several weeks since Sony had not given any news of its new generation console, and of its total sales figures. Last March the company claimed to have sold 7.8 million consoles worldwide. Only 8 months after release, or 35 weeks to be exact, the console finally reached 10 million sales, according to the site VG Chartz.

A sales target revised upwards

While there are still a few months Jim Ryan announced that he wanted to sell 14 million PS5s in one year, the CEO of Sony revised this figure upwards by announcing a new target of … 22.6 million consoles sold in one year (as soon as the replenishment is optimal). This in the hope of breaking the ultimate PlayStation 1 record set in 1998. If the PS5 has managed to reach 10 million sales in 35 weeks, against 39 with the PS4, there is still a lot of work to compete with the figures of the PS1 in the current state.

Stocks are getting better but are still problematic

Knowing that there are only 4 months left for this dream to come true, it could actually be a very plausible goal… if only stocks kept pace. In recent weeks, there have been a lot of restocking and it is getting less and less difficult to get the next-gen console.

However, not everything is smooth yet and most of the inventory is still in online resellers. When Sony is able to restock physical stores in the normal way, one can only suspect that the sales figures will only increase. So there is little time, but still time, for Sony to try to resolve this situation.

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