The YouTube app on Android has been downloaded more times than there are humans on Earth

With more than 10 billion downloads, the YouTube application for Android is not the most downloaded in the world.

From its arrival on the Google app store to the launch of the very first Android smartphone, the app YouTube has come a long way. The video player has indeed exceeded the 10 billion downloads, more than the number of humans on Earth. A figure that is enough to make you dizzy, even if the latter does not allow the video viewing platform to rank first in the world ranking: one (only) other application has indeed exceeded 10 billion downloads, it is is about Play Store de Google, installed by default on all Android devices.

Global hegemony … except in China

Obviously, 10 billion downloads are not synonymous with so many real users (already because there are less than 8 billion of us on Earth). Many of us have more than one Android device on which the entertainment platform is installed, and Regular updates of the application also contribute to skewing the results. However, we can already consider that YouTube is installed on the vast majority of some 3 billion Android devices sold outside China (where the application is illegal). As more and more of us own more and more connected devices, it’s a safe bet that the Play Store and YouTube will quickly be joined by other apps in the very select 10 billion club. Gmail in particular could be a serious contender for the title.

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