To convert the Xbox Series S to the closest thing to a portable console

Users who own an Xbox Series S console now have the opportunity to purchase an interesting add-on that is seeking funding on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

Is about xScreen, a foldable device that integrates an 11.6 ″ IPS FullHD screen and speakers, and matches with the console itself, which allows it to be attached to it from the rear to make it the closest thing to a portable console, saving distances.

An add-on that will bring more life to the Xbox Series S

xScreen will not need an additional power supply, since it will obtain the power from the console itself, which must be connected to the network, obtaining the video signal through the HDMI output of the console.

It’s about a complement ideal if you want to use the console in any other location than usual, avoiding having to also carry the monitor or television wherever you go.

The campaign is having tremendous success, having exceeded the funding goal set in its first 20 minutes, currently approaching the 89,000 euros to the change obtained, with 13 days remaining so that new sponsors can be added, still being able to take advantage of the special prices, which are below what they will be once they officially arrive on the market.

Say in this regard that each unit can still be purchased from 169 euros (plus shipping costs) onwards. And it is that there are still rewards available with shipments to any part of the world, with a forecast of being sent during the month of January of next year.

According to its developers:

The xScreen has an integrated design that connects to the Xbox Series S with a removable folding screen and included speakers that provide a laptop-like experience on a console. Unlike previous solutions, due to the small form factor, the xScreen + Xbox Series S can easily be carried in any standard backpack.

As always, those interested will have all the information, as well as images and videos that allow them to get a better idea of ​​this complement, through the official campaign of xScreen, being of special interest to those who have this model of console Microsoft or know who can get it.

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