Valve hosts art contest with $ 1 million up for grabs

This will allow the company to find new inspiration for weapon skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Valve Just announced great news for the artists among you who would like to try and earn a good amount of money in exchange for their art. The company, behind the game Counter-Strike : Global Offensive (CS: GO for close friends), organizes an art competition on the theme of dreams and nightmares to find new designs for weapon skins.

As a reward, Valve puts $ 1 million at stake, which will be distributed among the 10 winners designated by the company, which is equivalent to $ 100,000 for each winner. The best part is that entrants can submit as many of their works as they want and can even win multiple times the prize if more than one of their designs is selected.

What are the terms of participation?

Those who wish to participate must create their weapon finishes via the CS: GO Workbench made available by Valve and then publish it between July 22 and October 21. The company makes it a point of honor to receive only original creations, and therefore insists that artists publish their sketches as part of the creation process.

Artists must go through a valid Steam account and have spent at least $ 5 on games or other purchases on the platform to participate. The contest winners will then be contacted by Valve by November 21. Those lacking inspiration can consult the site made available by Valve which already contains several interesting ideas.

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