Windows 10 at only 7.25 euros, it’s possible and legal with GoDeal24

The July specials have arrived at GoDeal24 with a whole slew of promotions on Windows 10 and other software, Microsoft or not.

In July, Godeal24 launched a wave of promotion on Windows and Microsoft Office licenses. For those who want to gamble their system or build a PC, you can now grab a copy of Windows 10 for just $ 7.25, it’s a really great discount compared to the Microsoft Store. Although Microsoft announced Windows 11 last month, Windows 10 will still be the most commonly used and stable operating system for the foreseeable future. Either way, this is a good opportunity to get a cheap and genuine Windows key, and you can upgrade it to Windows 11 anytime Windows 11 is available. Let’s take a look at what offers.


Windows 10 at 7.25 euros

Godeal24 offers a special price for certain Microsoft products. Give your PC an upgrade at the best price: only 7.25 euros and without the use of the promo code. And Godeal24 offers you perfect software products and customer service that is of the same caliber, which will leave you no worries after purchase.

Windows 10 home or server 2019 at half price with the code “SGO50

Godeal24 gives you a safe and economical way to get genuine software for your new computer or old PC with outdated versions of Windows.

66% reduction on premium bundles with the code “SGO66

Other low-cost software

4. Want to make your PC more efficient for working or studying? That it be “clean” and safe? No problem ! For summer sales, GoDeal also offers utility software with discounts of up to 90%. These downloads are official and easy to install. There is no need for a discount coupon to take advantage of the prizes.

The buying process is simple and there are a plethora of payment methods with of course free shipping. All promotions and special discounts presented above are limited in time and are only valid while stocks last. So if you want to upgrade your computer software while on vacation, you should definitely grab one of these promotions.

How to pay with PayPal?

  • You can pay using PayPal with the following method:
  • Validate your cart then continue as a visitor (or create an account)
  • You must then select CWalletCo as the default method in the “Payment information” tab – click “Continue”.
  • Then go to “Order Review” on the validation screen and click on “Place Order”.

  • Click on “Choose Payment Method” then on “Process Order”

  • A window will appear with several payment methods, you can now choose PayPal or credit card.

With GoDeal24 you can expect the best service. Shortly after your start, you will receive your key directly by email, so double check your spam box or the “promotion” tab. No need to wait for delivery for several days. If you have any questions or any problem, just contact customer service. The team is here to help you in any way they can. Simply send an email to: [email protected] Remember to download the version of Windows corresponding to your purchase beforehand, then activate it with your new key.

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